What is Can Do Refugees?

Can Do Empowerment is a three years project within the KA2 Erasmus + Program

The main objective of this project is to empower trainers and trainees working with Migrants and Refugees. The innovative approach of this project is the implementation of diverse artistic pedagogics such as the Improvisation Theatre and Animation and Stop Motion techniques.

The aim of the project is to professionalize and to empower people working with refugees on a professional and voluntary basis. Therefore the project combines the experience of practitioners in NGOs (via Bayern (Germany), progestion (Spain), eurocircle (France) and the knowledge of universities (University of Thessaly uth (Greece), American University of Cairo (egypt). This consortium also reflects the route of refugees coming to Europe, often coming from Arabic speaking countries, using Egypt as a transit country and then coming through the Balkan route (Greece) or the Mediterranean route (Spain) to the destination countries France and Germany. The project will be present itself on a website and it’s actual milestones on face book. 

These mix of methodologies will be used as a basis for developing practical tools such as manuals, articles, videos, booklets and other training aides which are to be communicated in a variety of different ways to maximize the impact and sustainability of this initiative and implemented in the empowerment, facilitation of anti-discrimination work. During the exchange meetings experiences with proven empowering anti-discrimination strategies and approaches will be shared and on basis of this exchange concrete products will be developed. The dissemination of findings will happen in the last year of the project. Expert meetings, conferences, workshops, publications and trainings will be organized.

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