Second day in Spain!

Written by the Greek team: Kostas, Christos, Linos and Marina

MontesClaros Monastery…

After overcoming the jet lag of the first day, we woke up in the iconic Hospederia de Montes Claros, ready to get down to work. We started our day with some warm-up and ice-break activities that brought all the members of the group closer and pointed out the good atmosphere and feeling of the meeting.

All the participants expressed their expectations and the agenda of the meeting was presented by Katrin the coordinator of the project.

During the first break of the day, there was a guided tour in the monastery and the church that have a long and rich history.

One of the interesting part came when we had a study visit runned by a historiographer that belongs to the Monastery. Thanks to it, we could have an overall idea about the place where we were living and it rich history

After lunch, the Greek team presented various activities that familiarized the participants with ways of working with refugees and migrants and gave some helpful insights about the situation of refugees in Greece. At the end of the evening session, a music workshop carried out by Francesca, a participant from the French  team, relaxed all the participants and ended the official program of the first day in the best way.

But, the night was still young and everybody was full of energy and good vibes, so the social program continued in the nearby pub.

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