Aand here we are ! Up for a new and forth day !

Written by the French team: Léa, Francesca, Anaïs and Adelaide

The morning was devoted to an «Open space workshops», each of us was invited to propose an activity to share his knowledge. We were free to move from one worshop to another.

Ellie (Germany) started with a pedagogical tool: «Visual sierung».

A tool to highlight the importance of the visual, the colors, the image and the aesthetic presentation of informations. An important method to facilitate learning and trigger reflection.

At the same time, downstairs in the dinning room, Amira (Germany/Ethiopia) explained a method she implements over several months: «Coaching through biography», with which she accompanies Ethiopian migrants in identifying their skills through life course analysis, which they express in their mother tongue.

Then it was Merit’s turn (Egypt) to propose the «Problem solving tree». This device allows you to quickly find a solution to a professional or personal problems: the roots are the causes, the trunk exposes the problem and the foliage represents the effects.
In the meantime, Laura and Iman (Spain) presented their project «WARMI – Intervention with women»: they open their «Progestion» centre to migrant women, mainly from South America, to free and let circulate their word, this space offers them psychological support, social and legal assistance and cultural activities.

For those who needed some physical activity, they could attend Francesca’s one (France). She facilitated a musical activity around a working song «Pick a bale of cotton»: The choreography, the singing and the coordination between the participants focus on the inclusion.

Finally, Linos, Costas, Christos and Marina (Greece) presented their project «ROUTES: Reshaping Our Universe Through Educational Synergies», which brings together three partners: youngsters from the University of Thessaloniki, from the Second Chance school and young reefugees. The activities include the discovery of each other’s culture, through informal methods and activities related to nature.After a great lunch, trying not to eat too much, and a nice coffee in the sun, trying not to get a sunburn, we went back to work.

We all gathered in the seminar room to hear Anouk (Netherland/Egypt) presents us with a map of the city of Cairo showing us the neighbourhoods populated by migrants. She talks to us about the difficulties of educating children according to their origins.

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