Third day in Marseille, by Marina & Anne

How to divide the cake?!!

The activities were very useful in making everyone reflect on different issues and gave a lot of
opportunities for discussion. We had the opportunity to reflect on different topics like equality,
democracy, justice and consensus.
The Betzavta exercise was a lot of fun for everybody and we had the chance to have a whole team discussion at the end.

About the presentation of refugees in Germany, there are many things really important which have been said:
1) If we work with refugees, we do not have to feel like a super hero, because If we will be in front of a really hard situation and we think “yes I can do it” but in reality I don’t have the skills for, I would not be helping people.
2) We spoke about the “relationship” we have to have with refugees. Do we have to distinguish the professional and private or not? That was really interesting. I think maybe the question is more about equality, how we can feel “equal” with refugees? and just find the ways which are good for us.
3) I just also remember one really important question someone said: “how we can continue with this work?

About the activities on the afternoon, that was really intense and rich in my opinion. Cohesion is very
, so I learnt that I need to be less attached to my idea and listen to other people s ideas with new vision. Also, I just questioned myself about how we can express ourselves and also listen to other people s ideas? When that’s good time to do it and why that’s so important for me?

For the collective game with the Betzavta method , the most important thing I learnt was in two aspects: the first one is we have previous to do some activities and even if the new activity was very different, I didn’t feel frustration because we were in a group, and that was a new experience. Also I didn’t think about rules, because I was feeling in positive way, so I wasn’t in an insecure situation.

Social, economical, legal and political situation of Refugees in different countries

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