Meet Katrin from Germany

I am Katrin Kuhla from Germany, Bavaria (the Oktoberfest region).
In our project I am the consortium leader. That means that I coordinate the whole project and I am responsible for the money issues with our donor (the EU).

I am passionate about making projects. I am keen on taking responsibility for people, money and processes. Since many years I’ve been responsible for projects in the sector migration, integration and diversity. E.g. I was a project leader for a project fostering the interreligious dialogue in Germany, I worked for the German ministry for families being responsible for projects combating Antisemitism in Germany and I am working as an intercultural trainer since over ten years, especially in the social sector.

Peace is not just given. Humanity needs to be fought for.

I do this work because I am grateful to live in a society in which diversity is possible. Because I know from deep inside that peace is not just given. Humanity needs to be fought for. With other people and with yourself. Over and over again.

I am from a family which is strongly affected by the “Seven crazy years” in Germany (1938 – 1945). Facing the issues of migration, perpetrator and victim of that time is my inner motivation for my commitment now. With my family, including two little sons, I am living in the Fünfseenland, in the west of Munich.

I am looking forward to meeting you all and share an empowering process with you all!

Meet Marina from Greece

I am interested in fighting racism and discrimination, fostering intercultural awareness.

Hi! My name is Marina Mogli and I have been working with immigrants and refugees for many years. I have been a volunteer teaching them Greek for years and I have also worked in various research projects in the University of Thessaly which involved immigrants/refugees. I am interested in language teaching but also ways to help empower and better integrate immigrants/refugees in local communities and fight racism and discrimination, fostering intercultural awareness.

Meet Kostas from Greece


I am Kostas Magos. Magos in Greek means wizard,  so be careful when you come to me… 😊   I work as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Early Childhood Education at the University of Thessaly in Greece on the field of intercultural education. My scientific interests include the theory and practice of intercultural education, the education of immigrant, minority and Roma children and the use of action research and narrative inquiry in school practices.

I like to write children books and I have already published some of them.

I am the Greek coordinator of this project and I have participated in many European projects concerning   best practices for the education of minority and immigrant children, European educational actions against racism and xenophobia and European teacher training seminars in intercultural education. When I have free time I like to walk, to travel and to read. Also, I like to write children books and I have already published some of them.

Meet Iman from Spain

My name is Iman, I am 33 years old and I am the Spanish coordinator for this project. I was born and raised in Tangier, North of Morocco and North of Africa. A tricky place, so close and so far from Europe…

Right now I work as intercultural trainer in Madrid at Progestion combined with my translation work which I studied in Granada, South of Spain. I enjoy a lot my work! To the extend that sometimes I don’t even think about it as “job”! Working on Empowerment, integration, diversity, minorities is a huge opportunity to me to learn more and more about myself and about society.

I’ve been involved in this arena in a professional way 10 years ago. I guess that being women, being raised in a traditional way in a Muslim country, being educated in a European education system and having emigrated to Europe to live at the age of 18 years old are facts that made me think over and over ideas and strategies that would give me strength and persistence to overcome all the obstacles that day by day I have to face… And then I knew that for me that was empowerment on the personal and individual level… As time and experiences passed by, I realized the need to empower not only the individual (which could have negative effects), but it has to reach the communities too, the smallest and the biggest one…
I’m full of faith and hope, we are all here to learn and share… I’m eager to meet you all and keep on learning from you! See you soon!

Meet Laura from Spain!

My name is Laura. I’m 40 years old and I’m from Spain. My husband and I have two kids, and I can certainly say without a doubt that they are the best thing we’ve ever done. They are 9 and 6 years old, so I have just started the game 🙂

What I like most is to spend time with my friends and family around the table, having breakfast or dinner and having a good conversation. I love travelling and meeting new people, learning about their culture and eating food from other countries.

I work with migrant women with low resources at social risk of exclusion. I feel lucky because it gives me the opportunity to support them and learn from them too.

My friends describe me as an open minded, outgoing and sweet person. I love listening to other people’s stories and lives so I’m sure I’ll enjoy our meeting in Brighton very much.

It’s been a looooong time since the last time I had to speak, think and work in English so I apologize for my mistakes. I’m glad I’ll brush my English up and learn from you all.

If I had to explain my mission in life, I would say that I came here to help others to be happy. How do I do it? I work as a psycologist in a non profit association called Progestión. I work with migrant women with low resources at social risk of exclusion. I feel lucky because it gives me the opportunity to support them and learn from them too. Not only they are strong, resilient, smart but most of them have a very positive outlook on life. I provide psychological support in order to enhance their self-steem and their personal resources so they can be ready to face life challenges. I also encourage them to participate in public spaces so they can feel and act as full citizens because that´s what they are. I encourage them to develop a positive attitude in life.

I want to share a video that I found on the Internet with all of you. It’s just one of the millions of stories we can find in our countries, next to us, very close to us. I hope you like it.

When my partners and I enhance other women’s empowerment, they become more self-reliant and self-confident. They believe in themselves and they are ready to participate in public spaces such as NGOs as volunteers, political parties, or any other community activity they like.

What is important when working with empowerment and antidiscrimination is to be a good listener, point out all the achievements the person has reached, believe in people’s kindness and change of being, and that there’s always a new starting point

Meet Elli from Germany

Hi everybody! 
My name is Elli – in fact Elzbieta, as I was born in Poland. My life in Germany started at the age of three. Now I am very lucky to live in Berlin, a wonderful city full of contrasts. 

I have been working as a project manager and youthworker since 2007, first in the Krzyzowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe in Polen, since 2013 for the Kreisau-Initiative e.V. in Berlin. I am working in the field of international inclusion, where I am developing, implementing and coordinating international inclusive youth exchanges and trainings. 

What true inclusion needs is the modification of existing systems and a change of mind-set. This is what I am working for! 

The term inclusion is often associated with disabled people, but in the way I understand inclusion, it is only one part of the picture. Of course, one aim of such projects is to make them accessible to those target groups that have been under-represented so far. But it also means creating a space where all young people regardless of their backgrounds, abilities and possibilities can meet, develop and experience diversity….and than magic happens. It is beautiful. 

I am happy to meet you and to get to know more about your experiences in this colourful world – and of course I am happy to share mine 🙂 

Meet Merit from Egypt

Hello everyone, I am Merit
I am Egyptian, living in Egypt 😁
Started my carrier as a pharmacist but few years later, I felt in love with refugees where I decided to work on programs which support refugees in Egypt.

I feel blessed for having the chance to be part of their lives and for that i am doing my Masters on Migration and Refugees where i am more enabled to provide better advice and support.
Look forward to meeting all of you, to share our experiences, knowledge and amazing life changing situation

See you😊