Exceptional TPM meeting in Valencia


The steering group of this project met last time the 10th of March 2020, some days before the world stoped due to COVID crisis. This last time we said good-bye knowing that we were meeting soon for a big meeting with trainers and trainees in Volos, for what we have been preparing the content and logistics.

Unfortunately we never managed to implement our LTTA meeting, however we kept several online meetings, checking on each others and learning a lot of distance working…


One year later, the steering group decided to meet again, to re-start the work all together. However, not all partners were able to fly due to still persistent Covid-19 restrictions.

That’s why we decided to have a blended meeting, where the German partner and the Spanish partner will meet in person, while the rest of partners will join via Zoom.

Valencia was the city that hosted us for this exceptional meeting. It was a short but very intense meeting where we could discuss important aspects of the projects as well as next steps.

While walking the streets of Valencia, we found this street work of art:It’s written in Valencian dialect: «Tornarem», which means «We’ll be back».

And this is the message we want to spread from this project: We’ll be back!

The steering group of the Can Do Refugees meeting (missing in this picture Sulaf, our coordinator from Egypt, and Davide, our coordinator from France!)

Our first TPM meeting in Madrid!


In December 2018 we held the first meeting of coordinators of the Erasmus Plus Can Do Refugees Project with Progestion as a host partner receiving the rest of organizations from Germany, Greece, France and Egypt!
In this meeting we had the opportunity to meet and draw the strategic plan for a common work that will last 3 years.

Coke is filming and enjoying!

We also had the opportunity to collaborate with the great director and film maker Coke Riobóo and with a group of wonderful women who represented their life stories in mini improvisation theater works facilitated by Yusuf Dermikol. . The result will be a wonderful animation short that includes testimonies of life, life experiences and much more!

Impro Theatre with Yusuf
Some drawn expectations!

We are looking forward to continue working on such an exciting project!
See you soon!!