Second day in Marseille, by Léa & Kevin

This day begun by a visit of Marseille who teach us the history of the city, and the way migration influenced the history of the city. For example, there was a prison camp who kept (illegally) and tried to deport refugees who had sometime the right to stay. Corporations employed also Italians minors’ worker illegally.

We also visit some famous places of Marseille like, the Mucem which is a museum, the Major Cathedral and Le Panier district. As local citizen (“marseillais”), these places with a lot of history made us learn more things about our town.

In the afternoon we had 2 presentation about the migrant and refugee situation:
The 1 st was about migrant travelling on boats, pictures of them before and after. This part was interesting because we learned more about the personal story of refugees. They are not simple number in institutional documents but human-beings who feel and they deserve to be listened. Our participant Corinne told us about a project called JANA (Jeunes Allophones Nouvellement Arrivés), who showed us how they’re learning French language at the association and what kind of activities they do with young people involved in the project. During a short video, young people shared their dreams and their personal or professional aim in life. Léa : It was really intense for me because those young people are actually living in Marseille and they have to face many difficulties every day but they also
keep the hope.

What I’ve learned this days is that even when you are living in a difficult situation, as a
migrant or refugee in another country, there is some dream that cannot be erased, and people keep dreaming even if it’s difficult. They seem to have post traumatic syndrome due to special situations they are actually living but they continue to fight and need to be helped as much as we can.

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